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Brookfield Properties


Brookfield Properties UK

Brookfield Properties UK have occupied just over 8,000 sq. ft. at Citypoint, a landmark tower in the City of London. Citypoint, part of the Brookfield portfolio, offers some of the most enviable uninterrupted views over the Barbican and across the City of London to Canary Wharf and the West End, creating a striking backdrop to this impressive office.


The brief

Our clients brief was to firstly create an office that their people would genuinely want to spend time in, where they would feel valued and productive. This culminated in selecting high quality finishes and materials plus an interesting mix of high performing, varying work typologies. Each workspace was carefully located in the optimal location to take advantages of the light, views, acoustics and convenience. Integrating an innovative AV system, that would support communications globally with ease, was a key design consideration.


The solution 

First impressions are at the lift lobby. Although a considerably small footprint, this space was transformed into a light, high quality entrance that used natural light to enlarge the space and draw the visitor through to the welcoming reception.

The walls were lined with hand manufactured, textured glass that was flooded with light to give a soft depth to the material. The chevron timber floor flows through to the reception space, making the lift lobby a seamless extension to the office.

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The welcoming reception provides a collaborative working environment as well as an inviting hospitality space where visitors can help themselves to a coffee. Architectural models are displayed in this reception area, allowing visitors to get up close to the impressive replicas of Brookfield Properties current developments and immediately feel part of the energetic atmosphere that the company creates.

The open kitchen / café is at the centre of this office creating a high-quality collaborative and recharging space. It was carefully designed to accommodate the staff breakout needs on one side along with providing an inviting self-serve café on the reception side. The curved end to the joinery responds to the architectural language of the building and also gives a nod to the Barbican architectural geometries in the background.

The building once fully stripped back, revealed concrete columns that were rough and raw but something we very much liked. Exposing the structure provided a welcomed juxtaposition to the surrounding refined, high quality, warm finishes.


The unique, curved ‘bullnose’ of the building gives the occupants unrivalled sweeping views across the city. To enhance the unique geometry, we designed a striking bespoke timber ceiling that cleverly disguised M&E services along with providing a rich materiality and texture to the working environment.

The materials palette for the office wove together elements of a semi industrial aesthetic with contrasting warm and textured materials. The staff enjoy a variety of work settings that have supported agility and collaboration within sophisticated and elegant space. The result has been an enjoyable workplace where the staff feel highly valued. 

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