CWG Level 31 - North


CWG Level 31 North Office

Basha-Franklin has worked with Canary Wharf Group (CWG) since 2012. Following the completion of Level 31 South Office in 2015, our designers took on Level 31 North Office.


The challenge

This new office space would represent a significant culture change for the CWG Estate Development Team, which had moved from a traditional cubicle layout to a transparent open plan office. Its design would have to satisfy an innovative, highly dynamic team and create potential for future changes. 


The solution 

The open plan invites natural light to all corners and removes hierarchies between staff while making the most of impressive views. New, high-functioning meeting spaces incorporate user-friendly AV systems, magnetic white boards, interactive screens and a tea point. The office has provided a template for further changes throughout the company. 


The details

The simple yet strategic manifestation design allows for maximum transparency and light transfer, aligning with the corporate brand and its prevailing aesthetic without being too literal. Our slick attention to detail provided the space with a creative edge, for a reasonably low budget.