Stephenson and Knollys House


Stephenson House and
Knollys House

Basha-Franklin is involved in this commercial development and regeneration, the extent of which Croydon has not witnessed since the 1960s.


The brief

Basha-Franklin submitted the winning redesign for all front-of-house areas — including an extended reception, façade treatments and upgraded mechanics and electrics. The client wanted to ensure these mid-century buildings opposite the iconic No.1 Croydon development secured their market share within the flourishing landscape.


The solution

The design enhances the presence of Stephenson and Knollys Houses along the streetscape and provides a new lease of life for the dated, low-impact buildings. Redeveloped reception areas incorporate new cycle stores, shower facilities and staff-welfare rooms. Our contemporary wayfinding, branding and landscaping address key pedestrian approaches from the transport network.