Who we are


The Team

Basha-Franklin is a band of highly talented, passionate and endlessly optimistic creatives.

Since 2007 Basha-Franklin has been delivering high quality environments with it’s crack team of Interior Designers, Architects, Art Curators and Graphic Designers.

Rachel Basha-Franklin, who leads the business, is a passionate, professional Interior Designer who sees our role to provide the highest quality ‘people spaces’ that transforms everyones quality of life. We are dedicated to employing the latest research and technology to make the journey with our clients one where we are a reliable and trusted partner that provides a bespoke experience for each of our unique projects.

With her Australian background she sets the culture of the studio to be grounded, hard working, aspirational and with a strong ‘can-do’ approach. Our team are highly skilled creatives that can successfully deliver a concept through to construction delivery. We work with clients in the UK and internationally.